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Free Bridal Shower Games - Party Games 1

Free Bridal Shower Games - Introduction

Bridal parties or as they are called in some parts of Europe hen parties are a great way to celebrate a wedding, bridal showers are a great way to bring your friends and family members together to celebrate the approaching wedding ceremony with the end of one era in ones life with a little bit of fun and frolics to mark the end of one stage of your life and the next as a married woman. the folly of youth must be put away on the day of the wedding, but not before we celebrate the the last vestiges of freedom and the last days of wild girlhood with some wild party bridal shower games to play, yes there is nothing like some wild bridal shower games to play to mark the end of one era in ones life and the start of another.

I decided I wanted to create a list of my own favorite free bridal shower games, I want them to be as hassle free as possible so Ive made them as easy as possible to follow, and to allow you to follow nice and easy free bridal shower games to play within my blog.

Ive kept my blog fairly plain so that when printing your free bridal shower games I don't use all your ink, so Ive stuck with black and white colours as my theme, the free bridal shower games can easily be photocopied and handed out, perhaps as part of your itinerary of the bridal shower festivities, it makes it easier if your guests have access to the rules of the games so they can familiarise themselves to the bridal shower games before hand, but this is not always necessary, Ive printed the free bridal shower games out in an easy to follow manner so even if you decide to just spring the games upon your party guests at your bridal festivities party they will easily get the hang of the bridal shower games to play quites easily.

Below is my first repository of free bridal shower games to help with your own bridal shower parties, I hope you find all the free bridal shower games you require right here with us to help your bridal shower go with a bang and make sure your party is a huge and memorable successful bridal shower event that will be remembered for a long time, please feel free to use my lists as a free bridal shower games list, for quick and easy use for your own bridal shower festivities hen night parties, or general wild party game ideas, I hope you find my blog is just right for all your party needs, becuase for completely free bridal shower games you have the right place right here with us, without further a do here is my first list of great party ideas.

Free Bridal Shower Games - List1

Free Bridal Shower Games - Truth or Dare

Speak the truth or face the consequences. An exposing game on many levels, do you risk telling the truth, or dare you risk a dare, be careful, you may have to run down the street naked, hows that for bare faced cheek.

This is a game that is perfect for wild party girls, the premise is simple, answer a question, or if you cant or won't, then you must do a dare.

Ideally this game is best if the questions and dares are written out on cards before hand. Below we give a list of questions and dares, in future posts we will add to the truth and dare list. feel free to add your own, I'm sure some of you naughty party girls can think of many outrageous Truth or Dare questions and forfeits.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Truth Questions

Have you ever 'swallowed'?
Have you ever had it in a car?
Have you ever had it with more than one other person?
Have you ever fancied your best friend's boyfriend?
Have you ever fancied one of your boyfriends friends?
Have you ever gone to work wearing no knickers?
Have you ever slept with your boss?
Have you ever had it with a woman?
Have you ever had it on a train?
Have you ever had it on an aeroplane?
Have you ever had it in the open air?
Have you ever been to a lap-dancing club?
Have you ever had a Brazilian?
Have you ever sat on top of a washing machine when it was on a spin cycle?
Have you ever looked at men's underwear in a catalogue to ogle the models?
Have you ever been wolf whistled at by workmen?
Have you ever lied about number of people you have slept with?
Have you ever used false breasts?
Have you ever had it in a toilet?
Have you ever fondled your boyfriend in a cinema?
Have you ever had it in your parent's bed?
Have you ever covered your boyfriend with frothy cream and licked it off?

Free Bridal Shower Games - Dares

Show your knickers
Sing Madonna's hit, Like a Virgin
Remove your bra without taking your top off
Sing Sandra Dee from Grease
Drink a glass of (insert liquid of choice) without stopping
Kiss everyone in the group, or a specific person requested
Dance like an Egyptian
Recite the alphabet backwards
Hop on one leg for 30 seconds
Do 5 press ups
Shout I am a horny bitch (or ant statement of choosing)

Truth or Dare, The original party game and it's still going strong, Use your imagination and don't be afraid to get a bit naughty, Truth and Dare is a game your guests are sure to talk about the wild evening for years to come!

Free Bridal Shower Games - Pass the Balloon

Have you got the right equipment? For this game all that is needed is two or more teams and a balloon, the long banana shaped balloons that is.

I can tell you ladies, if there are men present there will be no shortage of blokes willing to play the pass the balloon game game with you.

Rules of play, two or more teams line up across the room. Each team has one of the long balloons and must grip it between their legs. The balloon must then be passed up the line, but remember, no hands, you can only use what you have in the downstairs department, so just the knees and thighs.

First team to get their balloon to the end of the line wins, start again if the balloon is dropped or if the balloon prematurely goes off with a bang!

Free Bridal Shower Games - Bouncy Balloon Explosion

Very simple game, but a lot of fun, all you will need for this game is some balloons, and teams in sets of two, it takes two to tango in this game, the object of the game is for the teams to pop their balloons, of note the more you fill them the easier they are to pop, and the less air they have the harder they are to burst. Now we are not going to make it easy for them to pop the balloons, no they are going to have to work for it. Lets find out why this game is called, Bouncy Balloon Explosion.

One team member lays down on the floor and puts a balloon under there top, the second team member lays on top of them, they cannot use there hands, but have to use their bodies to pop the balloon of their partner below, I think you get where the name of this game comes from, its going to take a lot of bouncy bouncy to get that balloon explosion. Keep bouncing till you explode all those balloons and have a fun and frolics Bouncy Balloon Explosion climax.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Sexy Shopping list

Today is shopping day, but not any type of shopping, this time the shopping is for a different cause, this time, its sexy time shopping, you have a shopping list to fulfill, don't worry you sexy shopping virgins its as simple as ABC, or I should say A-Z, because a blushing bride must know her A to Z of sexy shopping, but don't worry you will have a team of sexperts, I mean sex experts to help you fulfil the Sexy Shopping List.

Assemble your team of sex shopaholics, now for the fun part, we take a turn to ask each sexy shopper to name an item on our sexy shopping list, remember girls, we need a full shopping list, like I said, sexy shoppers must know their A-Z of sexy items, and that's exactly what they will be asked to do. Each sexy shopper must take turns to say "I went to a sex shop and I bought...." and name a sexy shopping item, we start the game with an item beginning with the letter A, then the next shopper must say "I went to a sex shop and I bought...." and name an item beginning with the letter B, then the next player names an item beginning with C, and so on with each shopper taking the next letter in the alphabet, all the way back to the letter Z.

Give a point to the person that can name an item, the person with the most points wins the game of sexy shopping, this game can be made more interesting for those that fail to fulfil shopping lists.

Some of your shoppers will not be sexperts in sexy shopping, they may get flushed and flustered, players who cannot name an item must be punished for not fulfilling an order on the sexy shopping list, so for them you can give them forfeits, see future posts on forfeits to make your party go with a bang, remember naughty party girls must be punished.

So get ready to play Sexy Shopping list for a new type of retail therapy. Happy shopping ladies.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Man Catcher Spell

OK Harpies and Witches, I mean party girls, lets see in we can ensnare our perfect dream man, for this we will have to use a little party magic to divine our man from the ether of reality. Let us see just what we may conjure and bring forth, happy casting my coven of witches.

Give everyone a piece of paper. Get them to write numbers 1 to 13, and alongside each number, tell them to write:

(1) a place,
(2) a colour,
(3) a number between 1 and 15,
(4) a country,
(5) a size (eg. small, medium, large, massive, tiny),
(6) a number between 1 and 50,
(7) a wild animal,
(8) a number between 1 and 20,
(9) a cartoon character,
(10) an insulting name (eg. slag, bitch, slapper),
(11) a vegetable,
(12) a TV show,
(13) an emotion (eg. happy, sad, angry, jealous).

Now read out:

You met your perfect man at (1)
His hair colour would be (2)
His height would be (3) feet tall
He would be from this country (4)
The size of his bum would be (5)
His **** would have to be so many inches long (6)
In bed he would be a (7)
The number of children you would have would be (8)
Your man's name would be (9)
His pet name for you would be (10)
You would spend your lives living in a giant (11)
You would earn your money having sex live on (12)
You would grow old together feeling (13)

You read these out and go around the room getting peoples answers off them.

e.g.. I would meet my perfect man at a porn shop (1), his hair would be purple (2), He would be 12 (3) feet tall, he would have to be from Egypt (4), the size of his bum would be double extra large (5), his dick would have to be 13 (6) inches long, he would be an elephant (7) in bed, you would have 12 (8) children, my man would be called Daffy Duck (9), his pet name for me would be 'Slag Bag' (10), we would spend our lives living in a giant turnip (11), we would earn our money having sex live on The Price Is Right (12) and grow old feeling euphoria (13).

Some of the spells you create will leave you nearly wetting yourselves with laughter. But be careful what you wish for, you may get the dream man you created become a reality, Good luck with your spell casting.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Circle Of Truth

Dare you speak the truth, lets play a little game and find out who is a blushing bride.
For this game you will need a chair for each player, and a set of identification cards, on each card draw a symbol or write the players name, you need two sets of these, one for the player and another to place on the chair, oh and the most important of all a selection of revealing and embarrassing questions.

Select the willing victims, I mean game players, arrange the chairs in a circle one for each player, the game players will each sit in one of the chairs, give each one a card to identify them, they will hold this in their hand, the other identical card is placed on the seat of the chair, now the lets see the truth revealed inquisitors of merriment, you will ask the players a question from your list of potential embarrassments interrogations, ahem, I mean self disclose questions, if they answer yes they move one chair to the right, if they answer no they stay where they are.

Can you complete the Circle of Truth.
The winner is the first girl to complete a circle of truth and make it back to the chair they started from.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Human Swing Ball

For this game you will need
A ball (tennis ball will do)
A stocking
A plastic bottle ( a litre drinks bottle will fill the job) half fill this with water, make sure the cap is on securely

Now place the bottle in the middle of the room, put the ball in the end of the stocking, tie the other end of the stocking around the players waist.

Let the games begin, the player has too swing the ball at the bottle, but cannot kick the ball or use the arms and hands, the magic is in the hips, lets see that love action.

Are you the fastest swinger in town, time how long it takes to knock over the bottle, if they haven't done it by 3 minutes move onto the next player, the best swingers can do it in 30 seconds.

great game that has everyone in fits of laughter.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Choking the Banana

For this game, one must have volunteers and competitors, the volunteers act as the bearers of the bananas, they will be seated and will take the banana and place it between their legs.

Come forth competitors, let the merriment begin, their task is simple, open and eat the banana, but here is the tricky part, they cannot use their hands. Start munching ladies.

The first girl to finish the banana wins.

Free Bridal Shower Games - Finish

This about wraps up my first list of free bridal shower games to play, I hope you wild party girls found my blog useful for your own bridal shower games ideas. Stay tuned for more posts on free bridal shower games to play for your own wild bridal shower festivities. I hope to post a lot more fun party games in the future, so don't forget to bookmark me under your list of free bridal shower games.

And dont forget to leave comments on my blog, I would love to hear how your party went, leave a comment on my blog about how the games worked, or if you have ideas for any new games or suggestions.

For my next blog entry I will further add more to the selection of free bridal shower games, Ill be looking at broadening my online selection giving you a greater choice in your repertoire of games to play, I may also look into doing a special on free bridal shower bingo games, so the next entry may be a bingo special edition, always a house favorite, I'm sure we can think of a few more naughty bridal shower games for the devilish, always a firm favorite with the wild party girls out there who just cant say no. I will also do a piece going into just what makes a bridal showers festivities event work well, so lots of great party planning ideas for you to look over on how to to make your event a super memorable success, perhaps we may even have time to look into ideas on party themes, which I believe always spice up the party and make it that little bit more special, party themes are great for lowering the inhibitions of your party guests which is great when planning party games as they will be more than willing to get into the party fun, so start sending out your bridal shower invitations, we have some reservations to send out for a bridal party games bonanza, get that printer warmed up because we are sure to bring you the
best free bridal shower games on the net to make your party go with a swing with the best bridal games ideas just for you, so don't forget to make your appointment with us for next time. Any suggestions for party games just send me an email or ask a question in the comments, Id love to hear back from those of you looking for advice on making a successful party events.

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